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AtEar Description AtEar is a scalable and efficient system, and also the first web-based wireless vulnerability assessment solution. This Wireless Vulnerability Analysis/Management Solution, AtEar, can […]


create_ap Description This script creates a NATed or Bridged WiFi Access Point. Features Create an AP (Access Point) at any channel. Choose one of the […]


mitmAP Description A python program to create a fake AP and sniff data. Features: SSLstrip2 Driftnet Tshark Full featured access point, with configurable speed limit […]


wifiphisher Description About Wifiphisher is a security tool that mounts automated phishing attacks against WiFi networks in order to obtain secret passphrases or other credentials. […]


infernal-twin Description This tool is created to aid the penetration testers in assessing wireless security. Author is not responsible for misuse. Please read instructions thoroughly. […]

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