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Monthly Archives: May 2016


patator Description Patator is a multi-purpose brute-forcer, with a modular design and a flexible usage. Patator was written out of frustration from using Hydra, Medusa, […]


Bettercap Description BetterCAP is a powerful, flexible and portable tool created to perform various types of MITM attacks against a network, manipulate HTTP, HTTPS and […]


MITMf Description MITMf – Framework for Man-In-The-Middle attacks. Description MITMf aims to provide a one-stop-shop for Man-In-The-Middle and network attacks while updating and improving existing […]


etter.conf  Description etter.conf - Ettercap configuration file. etter.conf is the configuration file that determines ettercap behaviour. It is always loaded at startup and it configures […]


Ettercap-plugins Description ettercap-plugins - A collection of plugins for ettercap. Ettercap supports loadable modules at runtime. They are called plugins and they come within the […]


Etterlog Description Etterlog is the log analyzer for logfiles created by ettercap. It can handle both compressed (created with -Lc) or uncompressed logfiles. With this […]


Ettercap Description Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for man in the middle attacks. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and […]


Hashcat and oclHashcat were merged into one program – hashcat. Information below is not actual and saved only for legacy support. oclHashcat Description oclHashcat is a […]

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