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DNSRecon Description DNSRecon is a simple python script that enables to gather DNS-oriented information on a given target. This script provides the ability to perform: […]


dnsenum Description Dnsenum is a multithreaded perl script to enumerate DNS information of a domain and to discover non-contiguous ip blocks. The main purpose of […]


ngrok Description The ngrok program makes local services available on the Internet even if the computer does not have a white IP address and is […]


OneShot Description OneShot is a Python script that performs a Pixie Dust attack without having to switch a Wi-Fi adapter to monitor mode. To obtain […]


usbrip Description usbrip is an open source forensics tool with CLI interface that lets you keep track of USB device artifacts (aka USB event history, […]


evilginx2 Description evilginx2 is a man-in-the-middle attack framework used for phishing login credentials along with session cookies, which in turn allows to bypass 2-factor authentication […]


Pupy Description Pupy is an opensource, cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android) remote administration and post-exploitation tool mainly written in python Pupy is a cross-platform, multi […]


mdk4 Description MDK is a proof-of-concept tool to exploit common IEEE 802.11 protocol weaknesses. MDK4 is a new version of MDK3. MDK4 is a Wi-Fi […]


hcxtools Description Small set of tools convert packets from captures (h = hash, c = capture, convert and calculate candidates, x = different hashtypes) for […]

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