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OneShot Description OneShot is a Python script that performs a Pixie Dust attack without having to switch a Wi-Fi adapter to monitor mode. To obtain […]


mdk4 Description MDK is a proof-of-concept tool to exploit common IEEE 802.11 protocol weaknesses. MDK4 is a new version of MDK3. MDK4 is a Wi-Fi […]


hcxtools Description Small set of tools convert packets from captures (h = hash, c = capture, convert and calculate candidates, x = different hashtypes) for […]


hcxdumptool Description Small tool to capture packets from wlan devices. Features: hcxdumptool is able to prevent complete wlan traffic hcxdumptool is able to capture PMKIDs […]


WiFi-autopwner Description WiFi-autopwner is an assistant for performing attacks on a Wi-Fi network and collecting information. The script can: switch the wireless interface to different […]


hack-captive-portals Description Hack any Captive portal using MAC-spoofing technique. This script is using MAC-spoofing technique. This method is the only one which is present in […]


Pyrit Description Pyrit allows you to create massive databases of pre-computed WPA/WPA2-PSK authentication phase in a space-time-tradeoff. By using the computational power of Multi-Core CPUs […]


Besside-ng Description Besside-ng is a tool like Wesside-ng but it support also WPA encryption. It will crack automatically all the WEP networks in range and […]


Airbase-ng Description Airbase-ng is multi-purpose tool aimed at attacking clients as opposed to the Access Point (AP) itself. Since it is so versatile and flexible, […]

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