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AtEar Description

AtEar is a scalable and efficient system, and also the first web-based wireless vulnerability assessment solution.

This Wireless Vulnerability Analysis/Management Solution, AtEar, can be utilized both by businesses and in the home.

For business use, AtEar utilizes fingerprint devices for access to the network and to analyze the current wireless network conditions.

The automatic penetration testing function makes it possible to analyze wireless vulnerability conveniently and meticulously.

AtEar for home networks inspects network security conditions and monitors for any unregistered devices.

In short, AtEar is a wireless pentest system. AtEar provides a web-based user interface. AtEar is easy and fast to use.

AtEar Features

  1. Wireless Scanning(Ad-Hoc, Station, Access Point, Soft-Acess Point)
  2. Wireless Chart(Channel, Encryption, Type)
  3. Wireless Pentesting(WEP, WPA1, WPA2)
  4. Network Information Getting(IP, Connected Host Info)
  5. Fake AP
  • Google Phishing Sites
  • Facebook Phishing Sites
  • Twitter Phishing Sites
  1. WIDS(Wireless intrusion detection system)
  • Disassocation Flood
  • Deauth Flood
  • WESSID-NG Attack
  • Koreck Chopchop attack
  • Fragmentation PGRA Attack
  • MDK MICHEAL SHUTDOWN Exploitation TKIP Attack
  • Attack By TKIPUN-NG
  • Authentication DOS Attack
  • Assocation Flood
  • High Amount of Assocation Sent
  • Suspect Rouge AP
  • Detected Beacon Flood

Network Pentesting

  • FTP Brute Force
  • SSH Brute Force
  • Telnet Brute Force
  • SMTP Brute Force
  • POP Brute Force
  • IMAP Brute Force
  • LDAP Brute Force
  • SMB Brute Force
  • rlogin Brute Force
  • MSSQL Brute Force
  • MYSQL Brute Force
  • PGSQL Brute Force
  • VNC Brute Force
  • SNMP Brute Force

Most recommended USB Lancards


Author: NORMA-Inc

License: Apache-2.0

AtEar Help

usage: [-h] --iface IFACE

optional arguments:

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  --iface IFACE  monitoring interface

AtEar Usage Example

Use the wlan0 interface to monitor and attack wireless networks:

cd ./AtEar/
sudo python --iface wlan0

How to install AtEar

Installation on Kali Linux

git clone
cd ./AtEar/
sudo bash

AtEar Screenshots

AtEar Tutorials

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