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DNSRecon Description DNSRecon is a simple python script that enables to gather DNS-oriented information on a given target. This script provides the ability to perform: […]


dnsenum Description Dnsenum is a multithreaded perl script to enumerate DNS information of a domain and to discover non-contiguous ip blocks. The main purpose of […]


WiFi-autopwner Description WiFi-autopwner is an assistant for performing attacks on a Wi-Fi network and collecting information. The script can: switch the wireless interface to different […]


OSRFramework Description OSRFramework is Open Sources Research Framework. OSRFramework is a GNU AGPLv3+ set of libraries developed by i3visio to perform Open Source Intelligence tasks. […]


iptodomain Description This tool allows you to extract domains from a IP range, using the historic information archived in Virustotal (using API key). It is […]

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