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trackerjacker Description

Trackerjacker is designed to track Wi-Fi networks and devices that you are not connected to. The principle of the program is based on listening to raw 802.11 frames of wireless networks.

Supported platforms: Linux (tested on Ubuntu, Kali and RPi) and macOS (pre-alpha).

trackerjacker can help with the following:

  • I want to know all the nearby wifi networks and know all the devices connected to each network.
  • I want to know who's hogging all the bandwidth.
  • I want to run a command when this MAC address sends more than 100000 bytes in a 30 second window (maybe to determine when an IP camera is uploading a video, which is indicative that it just saw motion).
  • I want to deauth anyone who uses more than 100000 bytes in a 10 second window.
  • I want to deauth every Dropcam in the area so my Airbnb hosts don't spy on me.
  • I want to be alerted when any MAC address is seen at a power level greater than -40dBm that I've never seen before.
  • I want to see when this particular person is nearby (based on the MAC of their mobile phone) and run a command to alert me.
  • I want to write my own plugin to run some script to do something fun every time a new Apple device shows up nearby.


Author: Caleb Madrigal

License: MIT

trackerjacker Help


trackerjacker [-h] [--map] [--track] [--remove-unseen-devices]
                     [--monitor-mode-on] [--monitor-mode-off]
                     [--set-channel CHANNEL] [--mac-lookup MAC_LOOKUP]
                     [--print-default-config] [-v] [-i IFACE]
                     [-m DEVICES_TO_WATCH] [-a APS_TO_WATCH]
                     [--channels-to-monitor CHANNELS_TO_MONITOR]
                     [--channel-switch-scheme CHANNEL_SWITCH_SCHEME]
                     [--time-per-channel TIME_PER_CHANNEL]
                     [-w THRESHOLD_WINDOW]
                     [--map-save-interval MAP_SAVE_INTERVAL]
                     [--threshold THRESHOLD] [--power POWER]
                     [--plugin TRIGGER_PLUGIN]
                     [--trigger-plugin TRIGGER_PLUGIN]
                     [--plugin-config PLUGIN_CONFIG]
                     [--trigger-command TRIGGER_COMMAND]
                     [--trigger-cooldown TRIGGER_COOLDOWN]
                     [--display-all-packets] [--beep-on-trigger]
                     [--map-file MAP_FILE] [--log-path LOG_PATH]
                     [--log-level LOG_LEVEL] [-c CONFIG]

Optional arguments:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --map                 Map mode - output map to wifi_map.yaml
  --track               Track mode
                        If enabled, map will forget about devices not seen for
                        over five minutes
  --monitor-mode-on     Enables monitor mode on the specified interface and
  --monitor-mode-off    Disables monitor mode on the specified interface and
  --set-channel CHANNEL
                        Set the specified wireless interface to the specified
                        channel and exit
  --mac-lookup MAC_LOOKUP
                        Lookup the vendor of the specified MAC address and
                        Print boilerplate config file and exit
  -v, --version         Display trackerjacker version
  -i IFACE, --interface IFACE
                        Network interface to use; if empty, try to find
                        monitor inferface
                        MAC(s) to track; comma separated for multiple
  -a APS_TO_WATCH, --access-points APS_TO_WATCH
                        Access point(s) to track - specified by BSSID; comma
                        separated for multiple
  --channels-to-monitor CHANNELS_TO_MONITOR
                        Channels to monitor; comma separated for multiple
  --channel-switch-scheme CHANNEL_SWITCH_SCHEME
                        Options: "round_robin" or "traffic_based"
  --time-per-channel TIME_PER_CHANNEL
                        Seconds spent on each channel before hopping
                        Time window (in seconds) which alert threshold is
                        applied to
  --map-save-interval MAP_SAVE_INTERVAL
                        Number of seconds between saving the wifi map to disk
  --threshold THRESHOLD
                        Default data threshold (unless overridden on a per-dev
                        basis) for triggering
  --power POWER         Default power threshold (unless overridden on a per-
                        dev basis) for triggering
                        Python trigger plugin file path; for more information
  --trigger-plugin TRIGGER_PLUGIN
                        Python trigger plugin file path; for more information
  --plugin-config PLUGIN_CONFIG
                        Config to pass to python trigger plugin. Must be a
                        python dict or json obj.
  --trigger-command TRIGGER_COMMAND
                        Command to execute upon alert
  --trigger-cooldown TRIGGER_COOLDOWN
                        Time in seconds between trigger executions for a
                        particular device
                        If true, displays all packets matching filters
  --beep-on-trigger     If enabled, beep each time a trigger hits (off by
  --map-file MAP_FILE   File path to which to output wifi map; default:
  --log-path LOG_PATH   Log path; default is stdout
  --log-level LOG_LEVEL
                        Log level; Options: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR,
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        Path to config json file; For example config file, use

Usage Example trackerjacker

Running trackerjacker on the specified wireless interface (-i wlan0) in the mode of information gathering (--track) with a plug-in that will show the MAC addresses of devices in the district, their signal strength and vendors (--trigger-plugin foxhunt):

sudo trackerjacker -i wlan0 --track --trigger-plugin foxhunt

How to install trackerjacker

Installation on Kali Linux

sudo pip3 install trackerjacker

Installation on BlackArch

sudo pacman -S python-trackerjacker
sudo pip3 install scapy==2.4.0

Installation on Linux (Debian, Mint, Ubuntu)

sudo pip3 install trackerjacker

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