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Packages that allow the user to view what a particular program is 'doing' in realtime.

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Name Version Description Category Website
bindead 4504.67019b97b A static analysis tool for binaries binary debugger reversing
binflow 5.7fb02a9 POSIX function tracing. Much better and faster than ftrace. binary debugger
edb 1.0.0 A QT4-based binary mode debugger with the goal of having usability on par with OllyDbg. debugger reversing
eresi 1289.3e133872 The ERESI Reverse Engineering Software Interface. binary reversing debugger disassembler
gdb 8.2 The GNU Debugger debugger
gdbgui 364.78eb7ca Browser-based gdb frontend using Flask and JavaScript to visually debug C, C++, Go, or Rust. debugger binary
gef 1609.aacafb1 Multi-Architecture GDB Enhanced Features for Exploiters & Reverse-Engineers. debugger exploitation
lldb 7.0.0 Next generation, high-performance debugger debugger
malwasm 0.2 Offline debugger for malware's reverse engineering. reversing debugger
ollydbg 201g A 32-bit assembler-level analysing debugger debugger windows
peda 1.1 Python Exploit Development Assistance for GDB debugger exploitation
plasma 903.d691e98 An interactive disassembler for x86/ARM/MIPS. It can generates indented pseudo-code with colored syntax. disassembler binary debugger
pwndbg 2018.07.29 Makes debugging with GDB suck less. debugger
radare2-cutter 1.7.2.r100.g350375a Qt and C++ GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework. decompiler reversing disassembler debugger
rr 5.1.0 A Record and Replay Framework. debugger misc
shellnoob 2.1 A toolkit that eases the writing and debugging of shellcode debugger exploitation
vivisect 1:838.4fa8c78 A Python based static analysis and reverse engineering framework, Vdb is a Python based research/reversing focused debugger and programatic debugging API by invisigoth of kenshoto debugger disassembler reversing
voltron 596.4ee3cbe UI for GDB, LLDB and Vivisect's VDB. debugger
x64dbg 2018.04.05 An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows. windows debugger