December 19, 2018

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December 19, 2018: new and updated tools

Name Version Description Category Website
badkarma 85.2c46334 Advanced network reconnaissance toolkit. scanner networking recon
belati 70.7c98647 The Traditional Swiss Army Knife for OSINT. scanner recon webapp
bfac 49.d4b971e An automated tool that checks for backup artifacts that may disclose the web-application's source code. recon webapp
commix 1232.23cecd2 Automated All-in-One OS Command Injection and Exploitation Tool. webapp automation exploitation
deen 428.87753fb Generic data encoding/decoding application built with PyQt5. crypto misc
dirhunt 192.8c88bc5 Find web directories without bruteforce. webapp scanner
empire 1:1726.60f04b9 A PowerShell and Python post-exploitation agent. automation
expose 860.3038494 A Dynamic Symbolic Execution (DSE) engine for JavaScript binary reversing code-audit
githubcloner 25.43afeeb A script that clones Github repositories of users and organizations automatically. misc automation
hashcat 1:5.1.0 Multithreaded advanced password recovery utility cracker
hcxtools 5.1.0 Small set of tools to capture and convert packets from wlan devices for the use with hashcat. wireless
manticore 0.2.3.r10.g94991c85 Symbolic execution tool. binary
metasploit 4.17.31 Advanced open-source platform for developing, testing, and using exploit code exploitation fuzzer scanner recon networking
packer 1.3.3 tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration binary
radare2 3.1.3 Open-source tools to disasm, debug, analyze and manipulate binary files reversing disassembler
radare2-cutter 1.7.2.r100.g350375af Qt and C++ GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework. decompiler reversing disassembler debugger
retdec v3.2.r61.gd51c39a Retargetable machine-code decompiler based on LLVM. decompiler reversing
sshtrix 0.0.3 A very fast multithreaded SSH login cracker. cracker
striker 61.20e0d4e An offensive information and vulnerability scanner. scanner recon webapp
theharvester 244.61f3637 Python tool for gathering e-mail accounts and subdomain names from different public sources (search engines, pgp key servers). recon
tlsfuzzer 699.26c0001 SSL and TLS protocol test suite and fuzzer. crypto fuzzer
torctl 1:0.3 Script to redirect all traffic through tor network. automation
urh 2.5.2 Universal Radio Hacker: investigate wireless protocols like a boss. radio
vivisect 1:854.7d8e59a A Python based static analysis and reverse engineering framework, Vdb is a Python based research/reversing focused debugger and programatic debugging API by invisigoth of kenshoto debugger disassembler reversing
wordlistctl 0.6.9 Fetch, install and search wordlist archives from websites and torrent peers. misc
xwaf 153.8471a27 Automatic WAF bypass tool. webapp scanner

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