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mkp224o Description

mkp224o is a vanity address generator for onion services ed25519.

This tool generates vanity ed25519 (hidden service version 3, formerly known as “offer 224”) onion addresses.


Author: cathugger

License: public domain

mkp224o Help


       ./mkp224o filter [filter...] [options]
       ./mkp224o -f filterfile [options]


	-h  - print help to stdout and quit
	-f  - specify filter file which contains filters separated by newlines
	-D  - deduplicate filters
	-q  - do not print diagnostic output to stderr
	-x  - do not print onion names
	-v  - print more diagnostic data
	-o filename  - output onion names to specified file (append)
	-O filename  - output onion names to specified file (overwrite)
	-F  - include directory names in onion names output
	-d dirname  - output directory
	-t numthreads  - specify number of threads to utilise (default - CPU core count or 1)
	-j numthreads  - same as -t
	-n numkeys  - specify number of keys (default - 0 - unlimited)
	-N numwords  - specify number of words per key (default - 1)
	-Z  - use "slower" key generation method (initial default)
	-z  - use "faster" key generation method (later default)
	-B  - use batching key generation method (>10x faster than -z, current default)
	-s  - print statistics each 10 seconds
	-S t  - print statistics every specified ammount of seconds
	-T  - do not reset statistics counters when printing
	-y  - output generated keys in YAML format instead of dumping them to filesystem
	-Y [filename [host.onion]]  - parse YAML encoded input and extract key(s) to filesystem
	--rawyaml  - raw (unprefixed) public/secret keys for -y/-Y (may be useful for tor controller API)
	-p passphrase  - use passphrase to initialize the random seed with
	-P  - same as -p, but takes passphrase from PASSPHRASE environment variable

How to create addresses with numbers 1-2 and 7-9?

Onion addresses use base32 encoding, which does not include the numbers 0,1,8,9.

So no, there is no way to generate them, and mkp224o tries to detect invalid filters containing numbers early on.

How long will it take?

Due to the probabilistic nature of brute-force key generation and the variety of hardware it will run on, it is difficult to predict how long it will take, especially when most users only need a few keys.

If your machine is powerful enough, using a 6-character prefix shouldn't take more than a few tens of minutes; when using batch mode, 7 characters can take hours to days.

But no promises, it all depends on luck.

mkp224o Usage Example

To generate (or rather filter out) names with the string “mial” in their name:

./mkp224o mial

To generate (filter out) names with the string “mial” in their name and save them to a folder named mial (-d mial):

mkdir mial
./mkp224o -d mial mial

To generate names whose name contains the string “mial” or the string "hack" and save them to a folder named mial (-d mial):

./mkp224o -d mial mial hack

How to install mkp224o

Installation on Kali Linux

sudo apt install gcc libsodium-dev make autoconf git
git clone
cd mkp224o/
./mkp224o -h

Installation on BlackArch

sudo pacman -S libsodium autoconf gcc
git clone
cd mkp224o/
./mkp224o -h

Installation on Windows

Go to the official website of the program on the release page: and download the archive “mkp224o-*”.

Unpack the downloaded archive.

For simplicity, rename the folder, for example, “mkp224o-*” to “mkp224o”.

To work with the program, you need to run it on the command line. If you do not know what this is, then read the article “How to set up the PowerShell environment on Windows and Linux”.

1. Let's open PowerShell - for this press Win+x and select “Windows PowerShell”.

2. Suppose the mkp224o.exe file is located in the C:\Users\MiAl\Downloads\mkp224o\ folder, go to it using the cd command:

cd C:\Users\MiAl\Downloads\mkp224o\

3. To start generating addresses of the hidden Tor service, run a command of the form (replace hackware with the word you need):

./mkp224o.exe hackware

Installation information for other operating systems will be added later.

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