December 8, 2019

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December 8, 2019: new and updated tools

Name Version Description Category Website
backdoorppt 88.d0e7f91 Transform your payload.exe into one fake word doc (.ppt). backdoor
beef 1:3337.3c809a78 The Browser Exploitation Framework that focuses on the web browser exploitation
bluto 1:141.29bebd4 Recon, Subdomain Bruting, Zone Transfers. scanner recon
brakeman 3464.a882d53ec A static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications code-audit exploitation scanner
can-utils 500.665d869 Linux-CAN / SocketCAN user space applications. automobile
chameleonmini 317.1a41b8a Official repository of ChameleonMini, a freely programmable, portable tool for NFC security analysis that can emulate and clone contactless cards, read RFID tags and sniff/log RF data. social hardware nfc
chipsec 3:1.4.4.r6.g71bb810 Framework for analyzing the security of PC platforms including hardware, system firmware (BIOS/UEFI), and platform components. hardware binary forensic scanner fuzzer
darkscrape 63.4c225f3 OSINT Tool For Scraping Dark Websites. webapp scanner recon
didier-stevens-suite 199.01ad67c Didier Stevens Suite. (blackarch
dnsdiag 229.702dcaf DNS Diagnostics and Performance Measurement Tools. networking
driftnet 1:v1.3.0.r2.gc64d118 Listens to network traffic and picks out images from TCP streams it observes. scanner sniffer
dwarf 987.96413cb Full featured multi arch/os debugger built on top of PyQt5 and frida. binary debugger disassembler exploitation mobile reversing
edb 3098.bcf6000c A QT4-based binary mode debugger with the goal of having usability on par with OllyDbg. debugger reversing
eyewitness 808.680b7a3 Designed to take screenshots of websites, provide some server header info, and identify default credentials if possible. webapp recon misc
frida-ipa-dump 1:56.780bebe Yet another frida based iOS dumpdecrypted. mobilereversing binary
gitleaks 488.52425a8 Audit Git repos for secrets and keys. recon
grammarinator 95.7d01e2c A random test generator / fuzzer that creates test cases according to an input ANTLR v4 grammar. fuzzer misc
h2buster 78.40d9738 A threaded, recursive, web directory brute-force scanner over HTTP/2. scanner webapp
habu 285.f9b305b Python Network Hacking Toolkit. scanner spoof dos cracker dos
hiddeneye 770.7f8371e Modern phishing tool with advanced functionality. social
honggfuzz 3429.b99aa728 A general-purpose fuzzer with simple, command-line interface. fuzzer hardware
ivre 0.9.14.dev77 Network recon framework. recon networking
ivre-docs 0.9.14.dev77 Network recon framework (documentation) recon networking
ivre-web 0.9.14.dev77 Network recon framework (web application) recon networking
jaeles 29.e87e795 The Swiss Army knife for automated Web Application Testing. webapp scanner
koadic 1:590.c7bf615 A Windows post-exploitation rootkit similar to other penetration testing tools such as Meterpreter and Powershell Empire. exploitation automation
lazagne 659.463cf4b An open source application used to retrieve lots of passwords stored on a local computer. forensic social
ldeep 85.c705315 In-depth ldap enumeration utility. recon
linkedin2username 99.a8edd8e OSINT Tool: Generate username lists for companies on LinkedIn. social recon misc
maltrail 17860.e388ee2b3 Malicious traffic detection system. defensive networking sniffer
manticore 0.2.4.r148.gb9935583 Symbolic execution tool. binary
meg 87.9daab00 Fetch many paths for many hosts - without killing the hosts. webapp scanner
mobsf 1:1247.c2a34afe An intelligent, all-in-one open source mobile application (Android/iOS) automated pen-testing framework capable of performing static, dynamic analysis and web API testing. mobile
mtscan 90.f0056ce Mikrotik RouterOS wireless scanner. wireless
nipe 251.312addc A script to make Tor Network your default gateway. defensive networking
o-saft 3790.48cbcb2 A tool to show informations about SSL certificate and tests the SSL connection according given list of ciphers and various SSL configurations. scanner recon
onionshare 2730.72dc6df3 Securely and anonymously share a file of any size. misc defensive
openscap 1.3.1.r170.g007de74f3 Open Source Security Compliance Solution. automation defensive scanner
payloadsallthethings 561.ba9fce8 A list of useful payloads and bypass for Web Application Security and Pentest/CTF. misc
photon 324.198deac Incredibly fast crawler which extracts urls, emails, files, website accounts and much more. webapp recon
pmacct 3144.f5c39e6f Small set of multi-purpose passive network monitoring tools [NetFlow IPFIX sFlow libpcap BGP BMP IGP Streaming Telemetry]. networking sniffer defensive
procdump 24.71b0cec Generate coredumps based off performance triggers. binary misc
prowler 829.b6e34ad Tool for AWS security assessment, auditing and hardening. defensive scanner
proxmark 2369.763d1bef A powerful general purpose RFID tool, the size of a deck of cards, designed to snoop, listen and emulate everything from Low Frequency (125kHz) to High Frequency (13.56MHz) tags. radio recon scanner
ptf 1238.9f48614 The Penetration Testers Framework is a way for modular support for up-to-date tools. exploitation scanner recon automation
pwned 838.c4e54b5 A command-line tool for querying the 'Have I been pwned?' service. recon
pyexfil 77.347f345 A couple of beta stage tools for data exfiltration. networking
python-frida 12.7.25 Dynamic instrumentation toolkit for developers, reverse-engineers, and security researchers. reversing binary
python-ivre 0.9.14.dev77 Network recon framework (library) recon networking
python2-frida 12.7.25 Dynamic instrumentation toolkit for developers, reverse-engineers, and security researchers. reversing binary
python2-ivre 0.9.14.dev77 Network recon framework (library) recon networking
recsech 116.888dd64 Tool for doing Footprinting and Reconnaissance on the target web. recon scanner webapp fingerprinting
rita 699.4976cb9 Real Intelligence Threat Analytics. recon
rr 4913.4452c7f4 A Record and Replay Framework. debugger misc
scavenger 70.e4ba430 Crawler (Bot) searching for credential leaks on different paste sites. recon social
seeker 174.ef30b31 Accurately Locate People using Social Engineering. social recon
sharesniffer 52.7f8a372 Network share sniffer and auto-mounter for crawling remote file systems. scanner automation
sherlock 880.d6694fc Find usernames across social networks. social recon
sippts 90.c86b791 Set of tools to audit SIP based VoIP Systems. voip
sooty 208.2872348 The SOC Analysts all-in-one CLI tool to automate and speed up workflow. defensive recon social
suricata-verify 285.002009b Suricata Verification Tests - Testing Suricata Output. misc ids
thefatrat 682.6bb7959 TheFatRat a massive exploiting tool: easy tool to generate backdoor and easy tool to post exploitation attack. automation exploitation
tlsfuzzer 945.50d039e SSL and TLS protocol test suite and fuzzer. crypto fuzzer
tor-browser-en 9.0.2 Tor Browser Bundle: Anonymous browsing using firefox and tor defensive
twint 1:759.52c94a2 An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool written in Python that doesn't use Twitter's API, allowing you to scrape a user's followers, following, Tweets and more while evading most API limitations. social recon
ultimate-facebook-scraper 150.68c1a20 A bot which scrapes almost everything about a Facebook user's profile. social recon
vivisect 1:1153.e57f0cb A Python based static analysis and reverse engineering framework, Vdb is a Python based research/reversing focused debugger and programatic debugging API by invisigoth of kenshoto debugger disassembler reversing
w13scan 295.eff6afe Passive Security Scanner. webapp scanner fuzzer
webanalyze 61.7f465eb Port of Wappalyzer (uncovers technologies used on websites) in go to automate scanning. webapp recon scanner fingerprint
wesng 92.8b44421 Windows Exploit Suggester - Next Generation. exploitation windows
whatwaf 366.b4ddbaf Detect and bypass web application firewalls and protection systems. webapp scanner
wifiphisher 1:765.8dab5d3 Fast automated phishing attacks against WPA networks. wireless social
yawast 980.cfe3eb2 The YAWAST Antecedent Web Application Security Toolkit. webapp scanner fuzzer

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