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Packages that acts as a proxy, ie redirecting traffic through another node on the internet.

Tool count: 72

Name Version Description Category Website
3proxy 0.9.4 Tiny free proxy server. proxy
3proxy-win32 0.8.13 Tiny free proxy server. windows proxy
bdfproxy 107.276c367 Patch Binaries via MITM: BackdoorFactory + mitmProxy proxy binary
binproxy 8.d02fce9 A proxy for arbitrary TCP connections. proxy networking
burpsuite 1:2024.4.3 An integrated platform for attacking web applications (free edition). fuzzer proxy scanner webapp
chiron 48.524abe1 An all-in-one IPv6 Penetration Testing Framework. scanner networking exploitation proxy
cntlm 4.b35d55c An NTLM, NTLM2SR, and NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy. proxy
corkscrew 2.0 A tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies tunnel proxy networking
datajackproxy 42.f75f3a3 A proxy which allows you to intercept TLS traffic in native x86 applications across platform. proxy networking
delorean 16.0291151 NTP Main-in-the-Middle tool. exploitation proxy
dns-reverse-proxy 39.bd33162 A reverse DNS proxy written in Go. proxy networking
dnschef 17.a395411 A highly configurable DNS proxy for pentesters. proxy
elite-proxy-finder 51.1ced3be Finds public elite anonymity proxies and concurrently tests them. proxy
fakedns 118.39609da A regular-expression based python MITM DNS server with correct DNS request passthrough and "Not Found" responses. proxy spoof
fakenet-ng 304.2e3e99e Next Generation Dynamic Network Analysis Tool. malware networking sniffer proxy
hetty 134.f60202e HTTP toolkit for security research. It aims to become an open source alternative to commercial software like Burp Suite Pro, with powerful features tailored to the needs of the infosec and bug bounty community. webapp proxy
hyperfox 121.1a8c26f A security tool for proxying and recording HTTP and HTTPs traffic. networking proxy webapp
jondo 00.20.001 Redirects internet traffic trough a mix of proxy servers to hide the origin of the requests. proxy networking
mallory 134.47094fb HTTP/HTTPS proxy over SSH. proxy networking
mitm 8.bd2b351 A simple yet effective python3 script to perform DNS spoofing via ARP poisoning. networking proxy spoof
mitm-relay 40.1b74741 Hackish way to intercept and modify non-HTTP protocols through Burp & others. proxy sniffer
mitmf 467.0458300 A Framework for Man-In-The-Middle attacks written in Python. exploitation proxy networking spoof
mitmproxy 10.3.0 SSL-capable man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy proxy exploitation
modlishka v.1.1.0.r60.g3ebc29e A powerful and flexible HTTP reverse proxy. proxy
mubeng 160.05461a5 An incredibly fast proxy checker & IP rotator with ease. proxy
neo-regeorg 1:v5.2.0.r2.g9023241 Improved version of reGeorg, HTTP tunneling pivot tool tunnel proxy
net-creds 87.07a25e1 Sniffs sensitive data from interface or pcap. sniffer proxy
obfs4proxy 0.0.13 A pluggable transport proxy written in Go. proxy networking
obfsproxy 0.2.13 A pluggable transport proxy written in Python proxy networking
pappy-proxy 77.e1bb049 An intercepting proxy for web application testing. webapp proxy scanner fuzzer recon
pown 332.0e32edf Security testing and exploitation toolkit built on top of Node.js and NPM. webapp recon scanner social proxy
pr0cks 1:20.bcfcf2d python script setting up a transparent proxy to forward all TCP and DNS traffic through a SOCKS / SOCKS5 or HTTP(CONNECT) proxy using iptables -j REDIRECT target. proxy tunnel networking
proxenet 712.67fc6b5 THE REAL hacker friendly proxy for web application pentests. webapp proxy sniffer
proxify 711.6769e46 Swiss Army knife Proxy tool for HTTP/HTTPS traffic capture, manipulation, and replay on the go. proxy
proxybroker 152.d21aae8 Proxy [Finder | Checker | Server]. HTTP(S) & SOCKS. proxy scanner
proxybroker2 400.928f4aa Proxy [Finder | Checker | Server]. HTTP(S) & SOCKS. proxy scanner
proxychains-ng 4.17 A hook preloader that allows to redirect TCP traffic of existing dynamically linked programs through one or more SOCKS or HTTP proxies proxy
proxycheck 0.1 This is a simple proxy tool that checks for the HTTP CONNECT method and grabs verbose output from a webserver. scanner proxy
proxyp 2013 Small multithreaded Perl script written to enumerate latency, port numbers, server names, & geolocations of proxy IP addresses. proxy scanner
proxytunnel 1.12.2 a program that connects stdin and stdout to a server somewhere on the network, through a standard HTTPS proxy tunnel proxy
pwncat 0.1.2 Bind and reverse shell handler with FW/IDS/IPS evasion, self-inject and port-scanning. backdoor scanner proxy networking
rathole 0.5.0 A reverse proxy for NAT traversal proxy tunnel networking
ratproxy 1.58 A passive web application security assessment tool fuzzer proxy scanner webapp
redsocks 211.19b822e Transparent redirector of any TCP connection to proxy. proxy networking
regeorg 30.1ca54c2 The successor to reDuh, pwn a bastion webserver and create SOCKS proxies through the DMZ. Pivot and pwn. automation cracker proxy scanner
replayproxy 1.1 Forensic tool to replay web-based attacks (and also general HTTP traffic) that were captured in a pcap file. forensic proxy
rpivot 5.4963487 Socks4 reverse proxy for penetration testing. proxy
sergio-proxy 20.8a91bb4 A multi-threaded transparent HTTP proxy for manipulating web traffic proxy spoof
snarf-mitm 41.bada142 SMB Man in the Middle Attack Engine / relay suite. exploitation proxy
soapui 5.7.0 The Swiss-Army Knife for SOAP Testing. proxy fuzzer
sshuttle 1.1.2 Transparent proxy server that forwards all TCP packets over ssh proxy networking
sslnuke 5.c5faeaa Transparent proxy that decrypts SSL traffic and prints out IRC messages. cracker proxy
sslstrip 0.9 Python tool to hijack HTTPS connections during a MITM attack. proxy networking exploitation
ssrf-proxy 293.e79da7a Facilitates tunneling HTTP communications through servers vulnerable to Server-Side Request Forgery. proxy tunnel
ssrf-sheriff 2.f95d691 A simple SSRF-testing sheriff written in Go. webapp proxy
starttls-mitm 7.b257756 A mitm proxy that will transparently proxy and dump both plaintext and TLS traffic. proxy sniffer networking
stowaway v2.2.r15.g3c0e805 A Multi-hop proxy tool for security researchers and pentesters. proxy exploitation
striptls 55.5ec712c Proxy PoC implementation of STARTTLS stripping attacks. proxy
tftp-proxy 0.1 This tool accepts connection on tftp and reloads requested content from an upstream tftp server. Meanwhile modifications to the content can be done by pluggable modules. So this one's nice if your mitm with some embedded devices. proxy networking
tinyproxy 1.11.2 A light-weight HTTP proxy daemon for POSIX operating systems. proxy
tor Anonymizing overlay network. proxy tunnel networking
torsocks 2.4.0 Wrapper to safely torify applications proxy
trevorproxy 1.0.6 A SOCKS proxy written in Python that randomizes your source IP address. proxy
tunna 41.cba006d a set of tools which will wrap and tunnel any TCP communication over HTTP. It can be used to bypass network restrictions in fully firewalled environments. networking tunnel proxy windows
turner 32.fad9423 Tunnels HTTP over a permissive/open TURN server; supports HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy. networking proxy tunnel
venom 135.2b84e68 A Multi-hop Proxy for Penetration Testers. exploitation proxy
webfixy 25.5d477b0 On-the-fly decryption proxy for MikroTik RouterOS WebFig sessions. proxy crypto networking
webscarab 20120422.001828 Framework for analysing applications that communicate using the HTTP and HTTPS protocols fuzzer proxy scanner webapp
wssip 75.56d0d2c Application for capturing, modifying and sending custom WebSocket data from client to server and vice versa. webapp proxy
wsuspect-proxy 24.89f9375 A tool for MITM'ing insecure WSUS connections. exploitation proxy
ycrawler 0.1 A web crawler that is useful for grabbing all user supplied input related to a given website and will save the output. It has proxy and log file support. webapp scanner proxy
zaproxy 2.15.0 Integrated penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications webapp fuzzer proxy