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Packages that operate on or invlove packers. Packers are programs that embed malware within other executables.

Tool count: 6

Name Version Description Category Website
amber 256.f6eb2dc Reflective PE packer. binary packer windows
de4dot 3.1.41592 .NET deobfuscator and unpacker. windows unpacker binary reversing
mikrotik-npk 11.d54e97c Python tools for manipulating Mikrotik NPK format. reversing binary networking packer unpacker
packerid 1.4 Script which uses a PEiD database to identify which packer (if any) is being used by a binary. binary packer reversing
sherlocked 1.f190c2b Universal script packer-- transforms any type of script into a protected ELF executable, encrypted with anti-debugging. packer binary crypto backdoor
vbsmin v1.1.0.r111.ga34f1b8 VBScript minifier. packer automation