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Packages that exploit or manage anything to do with physical hardware.

Tool count: 14

Name Version Description Category Website
arduino 1:1.8.19 Arduino prototyping platform SDK hardware
chameleonmini 613.ad0eece Official repository of ChameleonMini, a freely programmable, portable tool for NFC security analysis that can emulate and clone contactless cards, read RFID tags and sniff/log RF data. social hardware nfc
chipsec 4:2122.7c802e49 Framework for analyzing the security of PC platforms including hardware, system firmware (BIOS/UEFI), and platform components. hardware binary forensic scanner fuzzer
dex2jar 2.1 A tool for converting Android's .dex format to Java's .class format hardware reversing
hdmi-sniff 5.f7fbc0e HDMI DDC (I2C) inspection tool. It is designed to demonstrate just how easy it is to recover HDCP crypto keys from HDMI devices. hardware sniffer cracker
honggfuzz 4104.348a4721 A general-purpose fuzzer with simple, command-line interface. fuzzer hardware
inception 454.4df3231 A FireWire physical memory manipulation and hacking tool exploiting IEEE 1394 SBP-2 DMA. exploitation hardware
kautilya 52.1c9d5b0 Pwnage with Human Interface Devices using Teensy++2.0 and Teensy 3.0 devices. hardware
kraken 32.368a837 A project to encrypt A5/1 GSM signaling using a Time/Memory Tradeoff Attack. crypto mobile hardware
marc4dasm 6.f11860f This python-based tool is a disassembler for the Atmel MARC4 (a 4 bit Harvard micro). disassembler hardware reversing
pcileech 4.15 Tool, which uses PCIe hardware devices to read and write from the target system memory. hardware reversing
rtlamr 197.03369d1 An rtl-sdr receiver for smart meters operating in the 900MHz ISM band. radio hardware
sandsifter 2.8375e61 The x86 processor fuzzer. fuzzer hardware
smali 2.5.2 An assembler/disassembler for Android's dex format disassembler hardware