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Packages that work with cryptography, with the exception of cracking.

Tool count: 94

Name Version Description Category Website
aespipe 2.4d Reads data from stdin and outputs encrypted or decrypted results to stdout. crypto
argon2 20171227 The password hash Argon2, winner of PHC. crypto defensive
armor 5.bae27a6 A simple Bash script designed to create encrypted macOS payloads capable of evading antivirus scanners. exploitation crypto
athena-ssl-scanner 0.6.2 a SSL cipher scanner that checks all cipher codes. It can identify about 150 different ciphers. scanner crypto
auto-xor-decryptor 7.2eb176d Automatic XOR decryptor tool. crypto
bletchley 0.0.1 A collection of practical application cryptanalysis tools. crypto
brute12 1 A tool designed for auditing the cryptography container security in PKCS12 format. windows cracker cryptography
bruteforce-wallet 31.38bbd46 Try to find the password of an encrypted Peercoin (or Bitcoin,Litecoin, etc...) wallet file. cracker crypto
check-weak-dh-ssh 0.1 Debian OpenSSL weak client Diffie-Hellman Exchange checker. scanner crypto
chrome-decode 0.1 Chrome web browser decoder tool that demonstrates recovering passwords. windows cracker crypto
cipherscan 405.b0548df A very simple way to find out which SSL ciphersuites are supported by a target. scanner crypto
ciphertest 22.e33eb4a A better SSL cipher checker using gnutls. crypto
ciphr 105.db79691 A CLI tool for encoding, decoding, encryption, decryption, and hashing streams of data. crypto
cisco5crack 2.c4b228c Crypt and decrypt the cisco enable 5 passwords. cracker crypto
cisco7crack 2.f1c21dd Crypt and decrypt the cisco enable 7 passwords. cracker crypto
cloakify 115.893c539 Data Exfiltration In Plain Sight; Evade DLP/MLS Devices; Social Engineering of Analysts; Evade AV Detection. misc crypto
codetective 45.52b91f1 A tool to determine the crypto/encoding algorithm used according to traces of its representation. crypto
cribdrag 4.476feaa An interactive crib dragging tool for cryptanalysis on ciphertext generated with reused or predictable stream cipher keys. crypto
crypthook 17.0728cd1 TCP/UDP symmetric encryption tunnel wrapper. crypto tunnel networking
cryptonark 0.5.6 SSL security checker. crypto
dagon 244.f065d7b Advanced Hash Manipulation. crypto
daredevil 37.897f602 A tool to perform (higher-order) correlation power analysis attacks (CPA). crypto
decodify 27.7c0b15c Tool that can detect and decode encoded strings, recursively. crypto misc
deen 422.2d14861 Generic data encoding/decoding application built with PyQt5. crypto misc
dislocker 0.7.1 A tool to exploit the hash length extension attack in various hashing algorithms. With FUSE capabilities built in. cracker crypto
evilize 0.2 Tool to create MD5 colliding binaries. cracker binary crypto
factordb-pycli 1.2.0 CLI for factordb and Python API Client. crypto
featherduster 183.7cc80b2 An automated, modular cryptanalysis tool. crypto
findmyhash 1.1.2 Crack different types of hashes using free online services crypto
foresight 57.6f48984 A tool for predicting the output of random number generators. crypto
gcrypt 6.0f75b69 Simple file encryption tool written in C++. crypto
gnutls2 2.12.23 A library which provides a secure layer over a reliable transport layer (Version 2) crypto
gtalk-decode 0.1 Google Talk decoder tool that demonstrates recovering passwords from accounts. windows crypto cracker
hash-buster 42.0ee2646 A python script which scraps online hash crackers to find cleartext of a hash. crypto
hash-extender 136.d27581e A hash length extension attack tool. crypto
hashdb 1084.9e01bbc A block hash toolkit. crypto forensic misc
hasher 48.40173c5 A tool that allows you to quickly hash plaintext strings, or compare hashed values with a plaintext locally. cracker crypto
hashfind 8.e9a9a14 A tool to search files for matching password hash types and other interesting data. crypto
hashid 1:397.7e8473a Software to identify the different types of hashes used to encrypt data. crypto
hashpump 49.314268e A tool to exploit the hash length extension attack in various hashing algorithms. crypto cracker
hdcp-genkey 18.e8d342d Generate HDCP source and sink keys from the leaked master key. crypto cracker
hlextend 3.95c872e Pure Python hash length extension module. crypto
httpsscanner 1.2 A tool to test the strength of a SSL web server. scanner crypto
hyperion-crypter 1.2 A runtime encrypter for 32-bit portable executables. windows binary crypto
jeangrey 24.eeede12 A tool to perform differential fault analysis attacks (DFA). cracker crypto
kraken 32.368a837 A project to encrypt A5/1 GSM signaling using a Time/Memory Tradeoff Attack. crypto mobile hardware
libbde 246.cf548ae A library to access the BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE) format. crypto
littleblackbox 0.1.3 Penetration testing tool, search in a collection of thousands of private SSL keys extracted from various embedded devices. scanner fuzzer crypto
luksipc 0.01 A tool to convert unencrypted block devices to encrypted LUKS devices in-place. crypto
morxcrack 1.2 A cracking tool written in Perl to perform a dictionary-based attack on various hashing algorithm and CMS salted-passwords. cracker crypto
morxkeyfmt 1.0 Read a private key from stdin and output formatted data values. crypto
nomorexor 0.1 Tool to help guess a files 256 byte XOR key by using frequency analysis crypto
omen 15.78ce868 Ordered Markov ENumerator - Password Guesser. cracker crypto
omnihash 70.870e9ae Hash files, strings, input streams and network resources in various common algorithms simultaneously. crypto
openstego 0.7.3 A tool implemented in Java for generic steganography, with support for password-based encryption of the data. crypto stego
outguess 0.2 A universal steganographic tool. crypto misc
pacumen 1.92a0884 Packet Acumen - Analyse encrypted network traffic and more (side-channel attacks). crypto networking
pip3line 2:92.5e27195 The Swiss army knife of byte manipulation. crypto
poracle 65.a5cfad7 A tool for demonstrating padding oracle attacks. crypto webapp
posttester 0.1 A jar file that will send POST requests to servers in order to test for the hash collision vulnerability discussed at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. crypto
pwd-hash 2.0 A password hashing tool that use the crypt function to generate the hash of a string given on standard input. crypto
pwdlyser 136.483b9bc Python-based CLI Password Analyser (Reporting Tool). crypto misc
pybozocrack 75.9900883 A silly & effective MD5 cracker in Python. cracker crypto
pyssltest 9.d7703f0 A python multithreaded script to make use of Qualys ssllabs api to test SSL flaws. scanner cryptography
rsactftool 141.c06454b RSA tool for ctf - retreive private key from weak public key and/or uncipher data. crypto cracker
rsatool 14.7dab6bc Tool that can be used to calculate RSA and RSA-CRT parameters. crypto
sandy 6.531ab16 An open-source Samsung phone encryption assessment framework scanner crypto mobile
sbd 1.36 Netcat-clone, portable, offers strong encryption - features AES-128-CBC + HMAC-SHA1 encryption, program execution (-e), choosing source port, continuous reconnection with delay + more crypto networking
sha1collisiondetection 99.232357e Library and command line tool to detect SHA-1 collision in a file crypto
sherlocked 1.f190c2b Universal script packer-- transforms any type of script into a protected ELF executable, encrypted with anti-debugging. packer binary crypto backdoor
skul 27.7bd83f1 A PoC to bruteforce the Cryptsetup implementation of Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS). cracker cryptography
snapception 8.c156f9e Intercept and decrypt all snapchats received over your network. sniffer crypto
snow 20130616 Steganography program for concealing messages in text files. crypto misc
spiped 1.5.0 A utility for creating symmetrically encrypted and authenticated pipes between socket addresses. networking crypto
ssdeep 2.14.1 A program for computing context triggered piecewise hashes crypto
sslcaudit 524.f218b9b Utility to perform security audits of SSL/TLS clients. scanner crypto
ssllabs-scan 1.4.0 Command-line client for the SSL Labs APIs scanner crypto
sslmap 0.2.0 A lightweight TLS/SSL cipher suite scanner. scanner crypto
sslscan 1.10.2 A fast tools to scan SSL services, such as HTTPS to determine the ciphers that are supported scanner crypto
tchunt-ng 208.b8cf7fc Reveal encrypted files stored on a filesystem. forensic crypto
testssl 1:2.9.5 Testing TLS/SSL encryption. crypto scanner Testing TLS/SSL encryption crypto scanner
tls-attacker 2.6 A Java-based framework for analyzing TLS libraries. crypto
tls-prober 268.0746033 A tool to fingerprint SSL/TLS servers. fingerprint crypto
tlsenum 78.787c88b A command line tool to enumerate TLS cipher-suites supported by a server. crypto scanner
tlsfuzzer 688.0f20be4 SSL and TLS protocol test suite and fuzzer. crypto fuzzer
tlspretense 0.7.0 SSL/TLS client testing framework crypto scanner
untwister 119.a42b8f8 Seed recovery tool for PRNGs. crypto
veracrypt 1.23 Disk encryption with strong security based on TrueCrypt crypto defensive
webfixy 25.5d477b0 On-the-fly decryption proxy for MikroTik RouterOS WebFig sessions. proxy crypto networking
xorbruteforcer 0.1 Script that implements a XOR bruteforcing of a given file, although a specific key can be used too. crypto cracker
xorsearch 1.11.1 Program to search for a given string in an XOR, ROL or ROT encoded binary file. crypto
xortool 0.96 A tool to analyze multi-byte xor cipher. crypto
zulucrypt 5.4.0 Front end to cryptsetup and tcplay and it allows easy management of encrypted block devices. crypto